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Flip top cap mold

Flip top cap mold Flip top cap mold Flip top cap mold Flip top cap mold
Product name : Flip top cap mold
Item : FTCM 2
Details :
Xs Plastic Mould Co., Ltd have rich experience in making flip top cap mold.
1. Flip top cap mold steel.
    Core and cavity 2316, S136, H13, etc. We also can use the mold steel according client's requirement. 
2. Flip top cap mold runner system and gate.
    Cold runner tunnel gate, cold runner point gate, hot runner point gate, etc. We design the mold runner system and gate according cap           design, sample and client's request.
3. Flip top cap mold project process.
     Client agree on the mold price Xs Mold quoted ----> Client make deposit payment & we start to make mold design ----> Mold rough tooling      & precise tooling (this mold we need about 40-45days to finish mold tooling) -----> Test mold, send mold trial video and samples to client        ----> Client confirm the flip top cap mold trail samples and make the balance payment ----> Mold delivery.
4. Why choose Xs Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.
    a. We controll the mold quality strictly.
    b. We provide perfect service. 
    c. Fair price. 
flip top cap mold
flip top cap moldflip top cap moldflip top cap moldflip top cap moldflip top cap mold
Other plastic cap mold we made.

flip top cap mold
Flip top cap mold test video.

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